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Collect more revenue with smarter billing

Even small increases in your monthly collection rate can have a huge impact on your bottom line over time, up to a 30% increase in total revenue collected.

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Case Study

Club Fitness

"We used to do in-house billing, and it wasn’t going well. With the services that ABC Fitness offers, we no longer have a lot of outstanding payments issues as we had before."


Gary Castellano

COO, Club Fitness Greensburough

The challenge

We used to do in-house billing, and it wasn’t going well. With the services ABC Fitness offers, and their experience in this business, it was cost-effective to stop doing it ourselves.

The solution

Now, when a payment is declined, members get a message from ABC Fitness and immediately get back to us. They say it’s very nice and professional and are even grateful for the friendly reminders. Most of the time, they’re not even aware that there was a problem with their payment.

The results

Our dues are going through, and we no longer have a lot outstanding payment issues as we had before.


Smarter billing to collect more revenue


Smarter revenue management yields higher profits

up to


improved cash flow

up to


increased collection rates

down to


decreased past due amounts

Member Onboarding

Start with the right contract.

Structure your initial contracts to build a strong member-club relationship and capture the right information to facilitate seamless payments. Provide payment flexibility with alternate payment options to start the relationship right during member onboarding.


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Member Billing

Collect more with flexible billing options.

Give the front desk more autonomy in supporting member subscriptions while capturing details that result in successful payments, such as preferred collection dates. Simplify credits, refunds, freezes, and renewals that directly impact collection accuracy.


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“I did not know how we can get any better, we were already running at 94%. But after working with ABC, our gym is not consistently running at 95% or 96%.”

Trey Mcclain, Chief Revenue Officer

Bob's Gym

Trey Mcclain, Chief Revenue Officer


Gain payment predictability.

Automate recurring payments, avoiding human errors and unnecessary complexity. Let our highly effective and professional call center support you with a proven 90-day, multi-channel follow-up for past-due recovery.


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Past-Due Balances

Facilitate friendly overdue payments.

When routine payment issues arise, take a customer-friendly approach to update payment options, such as out-of-date credit cards. Proactively alert members of past due payments before they check-in, with easy remediation, easily accessible via their mobile device.


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Pricing Action

Use data to inform pricing decisions.

Looking to take price action? Your club’s data is a powerful tool to understand member behavior that’s extremely valuable for making informed pricing decisions. Understand historical sales trends, popular offers, and purchasing behaviors by demographics.


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The highest security in fitness payments

ABC Ignite's security update system is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the most secure product in the market. With each update, we incorporate sophisticated mechanisms for advanced threat protection, ensuring round-the-clock safety of your data. This continuous effort signifies our dedication to evolving security measures and protecting your information against the latest cyber threats. We also prioritize transparency in how we collect, store, and use customer data, maintaining an open and informed relationship with our clients. As a result, ABC Ignite remains at the forefront of security and privacy in the fitness technology industry.


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