Strengthen Member Connections

Grow member value by creating a closer connection to your brand and offering personalized wellness experiences on the go.

Personalize Member Experiences

Members now expect convenience and flexibility as part of their daily experience at your club and individualized hybrid programs tailored to their needs.


Offer a single point of interaction with your club. Enable self-service, free up your staff, and extend the experience beyond the walls of your club.

Shot of a woman using suspension straps while working out in the gym

Self-service is the new membership management

Offer your members flexibility and convenience and let your team focus on strengthening relationships.

  • Eliminate the need to call or go to the club for signups or bookings
  • Remove any friction from member-staff interactions such as check-ins or payment
  • Free up your team so we can spend more time engaging with members
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Our members can update their billing information from the app. They don't have to call. They don't have to come into the club. It makes things easier for members and staff.


Owner, Franklin Health and Fitness

Rodney Morris

Personalize and extend the member experience

Take an individualized, holistic approach to wellness to ensure results and meet your members’ needs and expectations.

  • Offer a blend of in-person and online classes and sessions with personal trainers
  • Go beyond the traditional scope of fitness and offer a wider range of services such as nutrition and habit coaching
  • Foster a sense of community to improve member retention
  • Convince your members that your club is the reason for their individual success
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Our priority is to improve the member experience, and that's why we went with ABC Ignite’s app.


President, Powerhouse Gym

Michael Dabish

Grow your club on the go

Strengthen your brand, communicate directly with your members, and unlock new revenue streams.

  • Communicate directly and at scale with your members
  • Collect behavioral data to better understand your members and spot new opportunities for growth and differentiation
  • Create new offerings that resonate with your members and seamlessly enable ancillary revenue
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