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for clubs of all sizes.

Elevate Your Club’s Member Experience with ABC Ignite

Whether you are an expansive multi-location enterprise, or a single-location operation, Ignite elevates your member experience and revenue. Building on the success of our DataTrak solution, we designed an all-new platform ready to power the gym business models of the future. With an intuitive, beautiful user interface, Ignite delivers on the needs of members, employees, and operators to provide an unparalleled fitness experience for members.


The best member experience.


When your club achieves operational excellence, you can take your members on their greatest fitness journey. With an industry-leading self-service and mobile-first approach, Ignite gives members and staff the tools they need to thrive, and operators the information to make the right decisions. Integrate facilities, amenities, and expert guidance to craft an outstanding member journey – from day one to one thousand. 

Proof Points

  • 1-2
    Reduce your staff training down to 1-2 days.
  • Group-39847
    Seen with members on club branded app.
  • 35+
    Dashboards and reports available out of the box.
  • 6
    Is how often members engage with their club branded apps, on average.
  • Rectangle-482
  • 5%
    Improvement, on average, on the first 90 days.
  • 30%
    UP TO
    Increase of new sales, by using marketing automation and following up faster with leads.
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And more!

  • Trigger-based marketing automation helps to capture and close leads while also upselling and staying connected with existed members.
  • Administrative functionality like scheduling, check-in, payments and booking combined with personal training and habits coaching for a member-centric experience.
  • Streamline operations to create more efficiency, reliability, speed and scale.
  • Best-in-class payment processing and revenue-cycling management.
  • Visual and on-demand insight reports help you make data-informed business decisions.

Get complete control of your business and improve member lifetime value.

Ignite optimizes your membership, operations, billing, and reporting. Consolidating various technologies into an all-in-one gym software platform simplifies the day-to-day tasks, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and helps your whole team provide a better member experience.

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    Club Home puts the power to more efficiently manage your teams, facilities and resources using our intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

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    Use technology to engage your members and deliver exceptional experiences that boost the long-term growth of your business. 

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    Track key performance indicators of your business and gain the insights to optimize revenue.

What do our customers say?

It was important for us to be strong on collections for the business side of things. Having the ABC Ignite team follow up made a huge difference. It allowed us to focus our time on member engagement and gave us a nice layer of protection with our members. We were not the ones ‘hounding’ them.

Nick Kerzman
Owner, Three Rivers Fitness

I didn’t know how we could get any better; we were already running at 94%. But after working with ABC Ignite, our club is now consistently running at 95% or 96%.

Trey McClain
Chief Revenue Officer, BFit

The minute something declines, we hand it over to ABC Ignite. When a member gets a message from the team, they always seem to get back to us immediately. Ignite’s outreach process is very professional, and we have noticed a big difference. We have almost nothing outstanding.

Gary Castellano
COO, Club Fitness

In our day-to-day operations, I don’t even think we knew how much more efficient we could be. But with ABC Ignite, our day-to-day operations became a lot more expedited. I was able to train our front desk staff to be more responsive to our members’ needs in the moment. And that really helped a great deal.

Scotland McCallum
General Manager, CAC Fit

There’s such a wealth of information that I can pull stuff from different reports and build my own reports that make sense for me to operate 10 Fitness and all the different profit centers we have.

Andrew Cheffins
Chief Operating Officer, 10 Fitness

Ignite sure does make life easier. And we’re able to make phone calls that we couldn’t do previously for new customers and retention. We just wanted capabilities that would allow us to take the next step, automate more, and stop being old school.

Mark Groshan
Owner, Janesville Athletic Club

I find ABC Ignite to be very intuitive. Even when I’m training a new salesperson or new front desk person – there’s not a giant learning curve. It’s right in front of you.

Craig Laskow
Owner, BASE Fitness

One of the things we’ve always valued in our ABC IGNITE partnership is that the team brings knowledge of the industry. Knowledge of accounting. Knowledge of everything that goes on in our business. And we really enjoy talking shop about that – they’re always professional.

Vinny Esposito
Regional Manager, VENT Fitness

The possibilities are endless

Flexible, scalable and innovative, ABC Ignite supports fitness businesses of all sizes to amplify performance, operate efficiently and deliver unforgettable member experiences. With three upgrades available, you can find the configuration that meets your gym’s unique needs. Pay for what you need today and add products and services as your business evolves.

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    Automate the sales experience with trigger-based communications to capture and close leads more efficiently and manage upsell opportunities for member retention with our lead management and CRM tool.
  • Rectangle-459-2
    Build a total fitness experience with a branded app for your club where administrative functionality meets personal training and habit coaching in a member-centric mobile fitness experience.
  • Rectangle-459-4
    Extend the analytical capabilities of Ignite to include external, non-Ignite data inputs. It also gives you the ability to create your own data definitions, customize reporting dashboards and engage professional services to make better, data-backed decisions for your club.