Key Features | Simplifying the Gym Front Desk

ABC Ignite Gym Management Software

Simplify your gym front desk with ABC Ignite.

Get ready to redefine the gym front desk experience at your club

You’ve hired a staff that is passionate about fitness, and the last thing you want is to restrain their excitement about supporting members with a gym membership software that is unintuitive and inefficient.

On top of that – your members don’t just come to the gym to exercise but to recover from the stressors of life. Make things easier for both staff and members by modifying the role of your gym front desk.

Seamless Online Join Your Team Will Appreciate

Providing an intuitive online join experience is the first step to simplifying the responsibilities of the gym front desk. Give your new members the control they desire when starting their relationship with you.

  • Deliver a quick, self-guided process that encourages prospective members to complete the steps on their own.
  • Minimize the number of calls your front desk receives by providing membership details online.

Enhanced Club Home Experience

Your team will love ABC Ignite‘s Club Home where everything at the front desk happens! Redesigned with your needs in mind, Club Home is the central location where your team can find member details, club announcements, occupancy levels, upcoming events and classes, and point of sale.

  • Multi-task easily with member check-in appearing on every screen.
  • Enroll members in classes, alert them to any club news, and easily sell your most frequently bought items.

Empowering Member Self-Service

Your members were able to join your gym without the assistance of your staff, so what better way to maintain their independence than to offer the means to manage their own account and book their classes and appointments. Your gym front desk staff and trainers will be able to spend more time supporting your members on their fitness journey.

  • Focus more on your members’ experience rather than assisting with profile and payment method updates.
  • Energize your staff to focus on what they love about fitness.

Ready to see it for yourself?

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