Get an accurate picture of your business

Track your metrics daily without any effort and gain the confidence you need to make the right decisions.

Answer your critical business questions

Get an accurate, daily picture of your reality as a business. Automate reporting to know, anytime, what’s performing and what’s not, detect revenue bottlenecks, predict behaviors, and prioritize correctly what you should tackle next.

Happy woman, fitness and phone at gym for a workout, training and body wellness with a mobile app. .

See a clear and accurate picture daily

Automate routine reporting to instantly understand, from a single pane of glass, how your business is performing.

  • Say goodbye to hours of manual data processing just to track your critical business metrics
  • Spot what really matters, at first sight
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency across profit centers or locations
  • Discover the unlimited possibilities of automated reporting and visual dashboards
  • Seamlessly integrate disparate data sources to avoid fragmentation and duplicated work
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With automated reports, what used to take an hour and a half every day is now accomplished in seconds. We have built a navigation system to steer our ship exactly where we want it to.

Andrew Cheffins

CEO, 10 Fitness

Andrew Cheffins

Grow with confidence

Let the data speak and set the right goals for your business. Make informed decisions to evolve your business model and reach revenue targets.

  • Understand behaviors and spot new trends to stay ahead and capitalize on opportunities
  • Double down on what’s already working to optimize each profit center
  • Learn from the past to better predict outcomes when adjusting pricing, products, or services
  • Decide when it’s time to open new locations, backed by solid evidence
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The daily reports help me tremendously. They paint a daily picture for me of what is going on and what is needed by location. Without the certainty from those numbers, I would not have opened two more gyms.

Deuce Robertson

4:13 Fitness Center

Deuce Robertson

Eliminate waste and bottlenecks

Identify operational inefficiencies and take corrective action to reduce costs, cut waste, and stop unsuccessful investments.

  • Quickly discern which areas of your business have room for improvement
  • Detect issues with payments and debt collection before the problem grows
  • Pinpoint which products, profit centers, employees, or campaigns are not performing as expected
  • Track KPIs to ensure improvements meet your expectations
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